The Promoters

Barack Obama's half brother, George, has witnessed friends being executed in cold blood by the Kenyan police force.  Faced with spiralling violent crime rates, officers say they have no choice but to kill.

“I’ve seen friends being shot for practically no reason,” says George Obama. His half brother is the current US president, yet George still lives on the edge of one the most violent and deprived slums in Africa.

The first police officer to go on the record about these killings was murdered within weeks. Two lawyers who helped a UN rapporteur to compile a damning report on extra-judicial-killings in Kenya were gunned down days after the rapporteur left. Now, for the first time since these individuals were forever silenced, three Nairobi cops talk exclusively to Clover Films.

Extra judicial killings are a problem common to many developing countries with extreme wealth divides. Never before, however, have the police given their side of the story in such depth. They argue eloquently that they are providing a vitally important service for a society that is near to collapse. Without their killings, they insist, there would be anarchy because the judicial system is so corrupt. They say they’re promoting criminals to a better place, where they will be judged by God.

On the other side of the tracks, we meet the victims: the masked gangsters who say they must either steal or starve; the man who has lost two of his brothers to police bullets; a mother who swears through her tears that her son was innocent. We follow a local journalist as he documents stories of mob violence and gang warfare. And, shadowing two investigators from a human rights NGO as they investigate the latest killings, we hear from traumatised witnesses, and follow the victim’s family to the scene of his murder. 

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