Heaven & Hell
John and Bernard are gang leaders and self-confessed murderers; Jane suffers from HIV, caught during her years as a prostitute; Wilson's a thug, bullet holes scar his stomach. They're the happiest people imaginable because they're destined for Heaven.

Kaputei, a new town being built 60 kilometers from Nairobi, offers multi-roomed houses, clean tap water, good schools and a 21st century sewage system. Itís a world away from the slums they grew up in where human waste seeps into their single-roomed shacks, and typhoid, tuberculosis and murder are endemic.

Julius doesn't want to go to Heaven; he says it just won't work. But Ingrid is determined to convince him. As for George, he's happy in to remain in one of the most violent and deprived slums in Africa.

Heaven & Hell is the story of a radical new development project that some are hailing as the solution to the crushing urban poverty that blights Africaís metropolises. Others believe the fight against poverty should be focused on the slums, and criticise the Kaputei project for robbing the slums of their brightest residents.

When Jane meets a group of girls who tell her they must become prostitutes in order to scrape together the money to eat, she becomes determined to help. She quickly finds, however, that this is not as straightforward as sheíd hoped.

Meanwhile, in Kibera, the slum made famous by The Constant Gardener, John and Bernard create their own development project - a football team that bridges the ethnic divide and unites a once fractious community. The teamís rapid success in the Kenyan league, and the dividends it brings to the local area, make them begin to question whether Heaven is really the answer after all.

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