Clover Africa

Clover Africa  is a partnership between a collective of award-winning Kenyan filmmakers and one of the world’s foremost production houses, Clover Films, UK. Our  Nairobi-based operation was established to produce original documentaries, short films, and factual entertainment programming with the core principal of telling African stories from an African perspective.
Clover Africa is currently producing the first African-made feature-doc on gay rights with support from IDFA BARTHA, a number of of short-form documentary reports, in addition to covering production for Comic Relief.

Africa Rising

It's a totally different approach to programming on Africa, giving viewers something to smile about in tough times, particularly the ending which raises spirits to a new high. With a cast of thousands, our film will open the eyes of the world to a new dawn... Africans solving Africa’s problems themselves.…  read more

The Promoters

Barack Obama's half brother, George, has witnessed friends being executed in cold blood by the Kenyan police force.  Faced with spiralling violent crime rates, officers say they have no choice but to kill. As many as 8,500 young men may have been murdered in the name of law and order. read more

Heaven & Hell (in production)

John and Bernard are gang leaders and self-confessed murderers; Jane suffers from HIV, caught during her years as a prostitute; Wilson's a thug, bullet holes scar his stomach. They're the happiest people imaginable because they're destined for Heaven.
read more

Sudan: The Break-Up


It was the giant of Africa: A nation which once represented the greatest hope for peaceful coexistence between Arab and African, Muslim & Christian. Now, that hope is all but gone and the country has broken in two and is in constant threat of war. A 3-part series. read more

Sudan: History of a Broken Land
Award Winning Director/Producer Jamie Doran maps the turbulent history of a country on the brink of a momentous decision...