Clover Africa: key players 



Former CNN African journalist of the year, Peter Murimi, has dedicated his career to the social issues affecting African communities. Over the past 15 years, his work has taken him to almost every country in Africa, and has encompassed Female Genital Mutilation, poverty, HIV, human rights, climate change, water borne diseases, urbanisation and issues surrounding slum settlements. He has worked with Clover, IRIN, the BBC, KTN and Al Jazeera’s Africa Investigates series, winning Tur Ostravo and Webbie awards for his filmmaking. Pete has connections spanning the continent, and goes further than most to get the stories that he believes matter.


PRODUCER: Toni Kamau

Pioneering producer, Toni Kamau, was the woman behind HATUA – a hugely popular prime-time talk show dealing with the major human rights issues of the day. HATUA was the first Kenyan TV show to hold a frank and open debate on homosexuality (in 2008). Toni has produced fact-ent docs for BBC-World and MTV Europe, and most recently, “Silicon Safari” for Al Jazeera.

Toni has a strong track record of developing and securing commissions for docs and series, through to managing major budgets. She is passionate about social enterprise and potential inherent in technology to improve the lives of the continent’s poorest people.



Zippy Kimundu brings a decade of experience in directing and editing films in 17 different countries across the globe. She has a Diploma in Mass Communication (TV) and a Masters in Fine Arts (Film), from New York University, Tisch School of the Arts Asia. Two of her latest short films were nominated for ‘Best Short Film’ and ‘Best Documentary’ at the Africa Movie Academy Awards – 2013. Hollywood Director, Oliver Stone, described her film “Mother’s Song” as; “A very well made film with unique textures and brilliant casting and directing choices”. Zippy’s skills in story and structure help Clover Africa to craft non-fiction films with compelling characters, and narratives that truly engage. She is currently developing her first feature project.


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Jamie has worked at the highest levels of television film production for the past 30 years, with many of his films leading series both nationally and internationally. In that time, those films have been broadcast on virtually every major channel throughout the world.

Throughout his career, Jamie has covered almost every major conflict, and drawn attention to numerous major international social issues. He brings a wealth of experience to Clover Africa’s managing board that will help to ensure the vitally important topics we cover will have the very highest journalistic and production values.

Clover Africa: key players

Heaven & Hell (in production)

John and Bernard are gang leaders and self-confessed murderers; Jane suffers from HIV, caught during her years as a prostitute; Wilson's a thug, bullet holes scar his stomach. They're the happiest people imaginable because they're destined for Heaven.
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Africa Rising

It's a totally different approach to programming on Africa, giving viewers something to smile about in tough times, particularly the ending which raises spirits to a new high. With a cast of thousands, our film will open the eyes of the world to a new dawn... Africans solving Africa’s problems themselves.…  read more

The Promoters

Barack Obama's half brother, George, has witnessed friends being executed in cold blood by the Kenyan police force.  Faced with spiralling violent crime rates, officers say they have no choice but to kill. As many as 8,500 young men may have been murdered in the name of law and order. read more