Clover Films wins two Emmys!

Clover is honoured to have won two Emmys at the 34th Annual News & Documentary Awards. ‘Opium Brides’ won for Outstanding Investigative Journalism in a News Magazine, and ‘Battle for Syria’ picked up the Outstanding Coverage of a Breaking News Story in a News Magazine Emmy.

Producer/director Jamie Doran was in New York to accept the awards.

Opium Brides receives OPC Award, April 2013

Clover Films' Producer Jamie Doran attended the ceremony in New York on the 24th April.  Jamie, Naj and the Clover team were honoured to receive the David A. Andelman and Pamela Title award for Best International Reporting dealing with Human Rights.  Below is Jamie accepting the award, of course including an important message to the audience about the responsibility we all hold for the mess in Afghanistan.
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Clover Films wins duPont Columbia award for the second time.

Three from the Clover team will travel to New York on Tuesday (January 22nd) to receive the duPont-Columbia University Award (aka 'Broadcast Pulitzer') for the documentary film, Opium Brides, which exposes how Afghan farmers are being forced to hand over their young daughters to a life of sex slavery in Pakistan and Iran.

Producer Jamie Doran, along with reporter Najibullah Quraishi and Exec Producer Tracey Doran-Carter will pick up the coveted Silver Baton in a ceremony which will be streamed live across the web from the university. The event is hosted by Christiane Amanpour, CNN’s chief international correspondent and global affairs anchor for ABC News, and Byron Pitts, chief national correspondent for the CBS Evening News.  Opium Brides was first shown on Frontline PBS.

'The Battle For Syria' has real IMPACT

Clover Films' latest production has received it's first nomination for Best Current Affairs Production at the Impact Media Awards.  Jamie Doran and Tracey Doran-Carter will be in New York to attend the Impact Media Awards (January 24).  Doran is also a pannelist for the session 'Covering the Arab World' on January 25.

This film was a co-production with Frontline PBS, ZDF and ABC.

Rory Peck Trust Awards 2012

Safa Al Ahmad, Director, is one of 3 finalists for the Rory Peck Awards for IMPACT.  In our film, 'In The Hands of Al Qaeda', Safa and reporter Ghaith Abdul-Ahad posed as man and wife to reach an Al Qaeda contact who would allow them access to Al Qaeda-controlled territory in southern Yemen.

For more information and to view the judges comments, click here.

Clover Films has 2 films selected for the UNAFF 2012

We are delighted to announce that 'Pakistan's Open Secret' and 'Opium Brides' have both been selected for the 15th UNAFF (United Nations Association Film Festival), which was originally conceived to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It was founded by Stanford educator and film critic Jasmina Bojic with the participation of the Stanford Film Society and the UNA Midpeninsula Chapter, a community-based nonprofit organization. The theme for 2012 is HUMAN DIGNITY.

Remi win for "Pakistan's Open Secret"


Our recent film about the transgender underground in Karachi has begun to make the festival rounds and has won a Platinum Remi at Worldfest Houston.
Worldfest is the largest and one of the oldest film festivals in North America takes place annually in April. Watch this space to find out the winning category.


Amnesty International UK Media Award


We are pleased to announce that "The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan," has won the prestigious Amnesty International UK Media Award in the TV documentary category. Jamie Doran was on hand to accept the award at the ceremony at the BFI Southbank in London. The awards "recognise excellence in human rights reporting and acknowledge journalism’s significant contribution to the public’s awareness and understanding of human rights issues."


BAFTA Television Award Nomination



We are very pleased to announce that "The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan" has been nominated for a BAFTA Television Award in the Single Documentary category. 



2011 Sidney Hillman Prize


"The Dancing Boys of Aghanistan" has won the prestigious Sidney Hillman Prize for Broadcast Journalism. Najibullah was on hand in New York to collect the award. The Hillman Prize has been awarded annully since 1950 and "honors journalists whose work fosters social and economic justice in the tradition of Sidney Hillman (1887-1946), the longtime president of the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America and a founder of the Congress of Industrial Organization."


WorldFest - Houston Independent International Film Festival

"The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan," has won the REMI- Special Jury Prize at the Houston Worldfest which is the oldest independent film festival in the world.


2011 FIGRA Award

Clover is pleased to announce that  "The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan," has won the prestigious Olivier Quemener-Reporters Sans Frontières Award at the 2011 Festival International du Grand Reportage d'Actualité et du Documentaire de Société (FIGRA).

The festival took place  from the 23rd-27th of March in Le Touquet Paris-Plage, France. The Olivier Quemener-RSF Award was inaugurated in 1997 in honor of French journalist Olivier Quemener, who was assasinated in 1994 while on assignment in Algiers. The award is presented by RSF to the film that champions humanitarian issues and human rights.







Royal Television Society Nomination


Clover is pleased to announce that our film "The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan," has been nominated for a Royal Television Society Award in the single documentary category. The ceremony will take place on the 15th of March at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London.

For more information, visit the RTS website.



One World International Human Rights Film Festival Win

Jamie went to Prague last weekend to present "The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan" at the One World Film Festival. Dancing Boys won the "Right to Know" category which is presented to the film that:

"draw[s] attention to unknown or suppressed issues concerning human rights. These films will compete for the Rudolf Vrba Award. As is traditional, the jury that decides on the best film in the Right to Know category will consist of activists and people working for international organisations that defend human rights.

The jury is named after the war hero Rudolf Vrba, who escaped from the Auschwitz concentration camp and subsequently fought as a partisan against the Nazis until the end of the Second World War."


History Makers Award

January 27th 2011

History Makers has awarded Behind Enemy Lines the award of Best Current Affairs. The winners were announced yesterday during a three-day event in New York. The award was collected by David Fanning, who was also there receiving a lifetime achievement award for Frontline.

For more information, please click here.


duPont Silver Baton Award

20th January 2011

The Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Awards are presided by Columbia’s school of Journalism, one of the most prestigious Journalism departments in the world. The award of the DuPont Silver Baton is to broadcast what the Pulitizer is to publishing. We are therefore very happy to announce that we have been given the Silver Baton for Behind Enemy Lines.

If you would like to know more about this special award, then please click here.


Broadcast Media Award Shortlist

24th November 2010

We have been shortlisted for a Broadcast Media Award in the 'Best Documentary Programme' category. We are honoured to be nominated for a category that has such stiff competition.  The other nominees include some great films, such as Cutting Edge - Katie: My Beautiful Face and Wounded. The winner will be announced 2nd February 2011.

For more information, please click here and then on the 'Shortlist 2011' tab.


The Rory Peck Trust Features Award

Rory_Peck_AwardS17th November 2010

Behind Enemy Lines won the Rory Peck Trust Features Award. The judges praised the journalistic integrity of Najibullah's film, which they described as a ‘warts and all’ picture of the insurgents, and one noted that Najibullah had ‘amazingly open access’.

For more information about the award, please click here 



AIB Awards: Best Current Affairs Documentary  

9th November 2010

Afghanistan: Behind Enemy Lines won an AIB award under Best Current Affairs Documentary. It was for the judges a ‘compelling’ film, ‘providing a unique perspective – the whole team was prepared to take a risk to deliver outstanding television.’

For a full list of the winners and the nominees, please click here



Grand Jury award at UNAFF

25th October 2010

In 2010 we were the winner of the Grand Jury Award for the Best Documentary at from the UNAFF, the United Nations Association Film Festival.

Click here for more information.



Grierson Documentary Award Shortlist

August 2010

Dancing Boys has been shortlisted for the Grierson Documentary Awards. The eventual winner was Moving to Mars.

To view other entries in our category, please click here.



Double One World Media Award

22nd June 2010

We have had the pleasure of a double win at the One World Media awards, hosted at King's Place in London. Africa Rising won the MDG category, and was described as:

Awards_logo'superbly shot and uplifting … The jury found this a compelling piece of work that drew the viewer into the heart of this community as it struggled to shake off a dependency culture. From an endearing woman dismissed as mad for starting a café in her bush village, to the candid money lender lamenting the loss of his profits from the poor, this rich and inspiring production had it all.'

This is a film that we at Clover have held very close to our hearts, and we’re very pleased to have been given the recognition we felt the film deserved. As well as acclaim for Africa Rising, we also won the TV Documentary category with Behind Enemy Lines. The judges were impressed by the courage and daring of our filming:

‘A fundamentally brave piece of film-making which deserves enormous praise for all involved, above all Najibullah Quraishi who spent two weeks with the insurgents in northern Afghanistan. In this difficult and dangerous environment, we were allowed to see the protagonists as three-dimensional humans: funny, murderous, fallible, scared. This was a powerful portrait of a radicalised enemy and was considered, perhaps because of the strength of its actuality, to have been the most gripping of all the films.’

Our Director and Producer Jamie also praised Najibullah: ‘I was proud to stand next to Najibullah Quaraishi as we received our One World Media Awards for Afghanistan: Behind Enemy Lines: I've been in many hotspots in my time, but Naj is the bravest man I have ever met.'

To read the judge’s comments in more detail, please click here for Africa Rising  and here for Behind Enemy Lines.


BAFTA nomination

10th May 2010

BAFTA_Television_Nom_Yearless_White_30mm_noYearThe BAFTAs shortlist for 2009 was announced. It is an honour for Behind Enemy Lines to be nominated under the Current Affairs category. The award was subsequently given to the documentary Terror in Mumbai, but we are nonetheless very pleased to have been recognised by such a well-known and prestigious organisation. We hope that this is the start of many more mentions to come.

For a full list of the 2009 BAFTA nominees, please click here.



WorldFest Houston Film Festival 2004

Afghan Massacre - The Convoy of Death wins Special Jury Award 2004

21st April 2004

WorldFest Houston Film Festival 2004 Gold Special Jury Award.

Afghan Massacre – The Convoy of Death, winner for documentary in the independent theatrical feature films and video category.

Afghan Massacre -The Convoy of Death tells of the horrific forced journey undertaken by thousands of prisoners who surrendered to America’s Afghan allies after the siege of Konduz.

Bundled into containers, the lucky ones were shot within minutes. The rest suffered an appalling road trip lasting up to four days, clawing at the skin of their fellow prisoners as they licked perspiration and even drank blood from open wounds.

Up to 3,000 now lie buried in a mass grave, but this was not a simple matter of Afghans killing Afghans.

Afghan Massacre -The Convoy of Death tells of how American special forces took control of the operation, re-directed the containers carrying the living and dead into the desert and stood by as survivors were shot and buried.

And it details how the Pentagon lied to the world in order to cover up its role in the greatest atrocity of the entire Afghan War. This is the documentary they did not want you to see.

Afghan Massacre -The Convoy of Death was produced over ten months in extremely dangerous circumstances: eyewitnesses were threatened, the film crew went into hiding and our researcher was savagely beaten to within an inch of his life.

About WorldFest Houston Film Festival

WorldFest was founded 44 years ago as an International Film Society in August, 1961. WorldFest became the third competitive international film festival in North America, following San Francisco and New York. It evolved into a competitive International Film Festival in April, 1968. It was founded by award-winning producer/director Hunter Todd to present a quality film festival for the Independent filmmakers.

Hunter Todd has been honoured with more than 115 international awards for creative excellence in film production, and he has been the producer, director, writer and/or cameraman on more than 300 motion picture and video productions.

The mission/vision statement of WorldFest is to recognise and honour outstanding creative excellence in film & video, to validate brilliant abilities and to promote cultural tourism for Houston, to develop film production in the region and to add to the rich cultural fabric of the city of Houston. All members of the WorldFest staff are filmmakers.


New York Festivals

New York Festivals

Need For Speed wins top award at New York Festivals 2004

01st February 2004

Controversial film exposing US military's use of mind-bending drugs during wartime wins Gold World Medal at the 2004 New York Festivals.

A documentary film which accuses the US military of forcing drugs on its servicemen and women, has won one of America's top industry awards - despite an unwillingness amongst US broadcasters to air the controversial report. (The film has been broadcast in numerous countries worldwide, including Australia, France, Germany and Canada.)

The latest Jamie Doran production, 'The Need for Speed' exposes how the Pentagon has been issuing a concoction of mind-altering drugs to its soldiers and airmen, resulting in the deaths of allied forces, innocent civilians and, almost certainly, their own men.

Amphetamines, sedatives, anti-nerve agents, adrenaline and a whole variety of vaccines, including anthrax, make up a cocktail of chemicals banned by civilian authorities in the ordinary workplace, yet forced upon pilots flying multi-million dollar jets into combat and Special Forces soldiers operating behind enemy lines.

Incidents investigated include a multitude of unexplained friendly-fire 'mistakes' and innocent civilian deaths. This documentary examines the true human costs of wars fought on drugs.

Interviews include former Air Force Chief of Staff, General Merrill 'Tony' McPeak, who banned these drugs only to see them re-introduced soon after his retirement.

In an extraordinary investigation, American military personnel speak for the first time to explain how they were used as guinea pigs in wars ranging from Panama, the Gulf, Bosnia, Afghanistan and right up until the recent conflict in Iraq. These are not dissidents, nor are they unpatriotic: they love their country and were ready to give their lives in its service. But they can no longer stand by and watch their comrades suffer as the Pentagon pushes more and more drugs onto the frontline.

One serviceman states:

"They made me very brutal. They just made you do things that other normal human beings wouldn't do. They made you do things that, later in life, make you question your judgement at the time; and that's not an easy thing, to look back and question - did I do the right thing - because obviously you can't change it.

Reporter: "You killed people under the influence of drugs?"


Reporter: "Drugs given to you by the military?"


About the New York Festivals

The New York Festivals (NYF) oversees and runs six international awards competitions: Film & Video; Television Programming and Promotions; Radio Programming and Promotions; Television and Radio Advertising; Design and Print Advertising; and Interactive Media. Entries to each of these competitions are judged in the United States and around the world by panels of peers in their respective industries. Gold, Silver and Bronze World Medals are awarded to the highest scoring entries in each category. Blue ribbon panels of judges and advisors select Grand Awards for each competition.

Founded in 1957, NYF now has representation in more countries than any other media competition. In 2003, it received over 14,200 entries from companies in 62 countries.


Rory Peck Trust

Rory Peck Awards 2002

30th October 2002

The annual Rory Peck Awards ceremony took place at London’s National Film Theatre on Wednesday 30th October. The awards, again sponsored by Sony, celebrate the work, courage, skill and enterprise of freelance news cameramen and camerawomen throughout the world.

Hosted by Jon Snow from Channel 4 News, the evening saw presentations in the four award categories together with screenings of the award winning footage.

The Rory Peck Award for Hard News

This category honours freelance coverage of an event where the focus is on the immediacy of the action.


najibullah Quaraishi

Winner - Najibullah Quaraishi (Afghan)

SAS Soldiers In Action In Afghanistan

Atlantic Celtic Films for ITN / Channel 4 News

"The degree of guile and cunning by Najibullah is beyond belief... He shows, in a way which we had not seen before, the viciousness and intensity of close combat fighting in Northern Afghanistan." Rory Peck Judges

"Very in the spirit of Rory Peck - to keep filming whilst under fire, and to put yourself in danger - everyone else was in the compound, but he was up there, recording." Rory Peck Judges

Sony International Impact Award

This award honours a piece of freelance work from around the world that has had an impact on public opinion and (or) government policy.
We have been shortlisted for a Broadcast Media Award in the 'Best Documentary Programme' category. We are honoured to be nominated for a category that has such stiff competition.  The other nominees include some great films, such as Cutting Edge - Katie: My Beautiful Face and Wounded. The winner will be announced 2nd February 2011. For more information, please click here and then on the 'Shortlist 2011' tab.

Heaven & Hell (in production)

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Africa Rising

It's a totally different approach to programming on Africa, giving viewers something to smile about in tough times, particularly the ending which raises spirits to a new high. With a cast of thousands, our film will open the eyes of the world to a new dawn... Africans solving Africa’s problems themselves.…  read more

The Promoters

Barack Obama's half brother, George, has witnessed friends being executed in cold blood by the Kenyan police force.  Faced with spiralling violent crime rates, officers say they have no choice but to kill. As many as 8,500 young men may have been murdered in the name of law and order. read more